Tuesday, 28 October 2008

PSP SNES Controller Mod

Some time ago I was contacted by a nice guy in the US. He asked me wether I would be interested in building a psp mod for his partner. She has limited use of one of her hands and as such cant use a psp, but she can however use a SNES controller perfectly (I've seen it, its quite a talent). So he asked if I would be able to add a SNES controller to a PSP for her.

Well at long last here it is.

Heres a few pics of the build.

Heres a short demo of it working. . .

This mod was achieved by adding a small socket to the back of the psp ( the socket was sent to me by a friend some time ago so I dont have a part number. I believe it was intended for a cell phone). I taped all of the relevant points on the psp mother board (some of which where horribly close together and tiny. Actually not some ALL of them where), and then ran these to the socket. I used a file and dremal to cut a whole in the back of the psp and the socket fitted in with a satisfying *click*. I then put together a custom cable and plug that would fit the newly attached socket. This was then wired to the snes controllers pcb (attached directly to the traces of each button. And thats about it.

This is my first mod of a psp slim and I found it pretty easy to work with. They bags of space for mods in spite of its reduced size.

I will update this blog with some of my older mods as soon as I have a bit of time.

I'll also be selling off a few of my modded psps on ebay this week which I will also post here, so sub if your interested :)

Hope you guys like the mod. Comments are welcome :)