Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The SG19 (sausage gun 19mm)

This is a little video I made a while ago of a gun that me and my partner in crime alex built. It was one of those projects that turned out sooo much better than I actualy expected. Its esentuay a cannon that shoots hotdog sausages. An holly crap it shoots them out fast. You can see the kick back that where getting off it.

The gun took about 4 hours to make an is mostly made out of plumming parts. If theres enough interest I'll do a write up of how we built it (really easy t make to be honest).

Well heres the vid, hope you guys like it.

As always feedback via the comments is welcome. You guys wana make your own? Let me know.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

My Modded PSPs Selling on Ebay

Well its been quite a while since I last posted here. Ive spent the last 7 months living in the french alps (I should probably write a bit about that at some point). Now I am back I am finaly getting round to selling some of my modded psp's.

The first on has just gone up an can be found on this LINK.

Heres a shot of it.

Its a clasic all blue LED mod. All the indicator LEDs are switched to blue and it has all round LED lighting. The lighting can be turned on or off via the hold switch. Its running CFW 4.01 M33-2 for all your homebrew needs.

Heres a little slidshow of some of the other psps I'll be listing soon.

So what you wating for? Hit the link and get bidding!!