Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The SG19 (sausage gun 19mm)

This is a little video I made a while ago of a gun that me and my partner in crime alex built. It was one of those projects that turned out sooo much better than I actualy expected. Its esentuay a cannon that shoots hotdog sausages. An holly crap it shoots them out fast. You can see the kick back that where getting off it.

The gun took about 4 hours to make an is mostly made out of plumming parts. If theres enough interest I'll do a write up of how we built it (really easy t make to be honest).

Well heres the vid, hope you guys like it.

As always feedback via the comments is welcome. You guys wana make your own? Let me know.


  1. You MUST shows us the plans! This is fantastic!

  2. Good work, you sausage-jockeys!

  3. you could fight against vegetarians with this :D

  4. how is the pressure generated ... is it some kind of reaction between sausage and hairspray that i don't know about??

  5. All PVC? What function does the can sticking out of the breech at 45 degrees serve?


    Windy Wilson

  6. I think the answers to most of these questions is in a more resent post http://thef00.blogspot.com/2010/02/building-sg19.html leave a comment there if theres anything you dont understand.