Wednesday, 10 February 2010

2 Mods 1 PSP

This is another old mod. I was way proud of this one but it never got much of a reaction. I have no idea whats happened to it ether. Checking my post abou it on acidmods I mentioned that it was on sale through coolmods (what ever happened to them?). Heres part of the write up from back when I finished it.

"What I did here is add 2 leds to each of the original led points, mem/power/wifi that can be switched between using the note key. The blue mode has a music lighting mod. I used a modified version of a headphone amp circuit for the pulsing, it works much better than any other circuit Ive used, the lights are very responsive (not that you can tell in the vid). The Red mode has solid lighting in the triggers an speakers. The colour switching is handled by a PIC microcontroller.

I am really happy with the way this came out. Hope you all dig it."

Heres the video of it. Havent been able to find any pics as yet though.

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