Saturday, 20 February 2010

Building The SG19

Well after a huge amount of pressure (2 people asked me). I am writing up a little how too on building a SG19 (sausage gun 19mm).
The basic principle of the cannon is using an electric spark to ignite a mixture of gas an air. In this case the gas is the propellent used to push hair spray out of a can. This is sprayed into the rear of the gun where it mixes with oxogen and is then ignited by the spark from a modded cooker lighter.
Ok so thats basically how it works. Heres how we made it.
Parts used where 19mm plastic plumbing tubing, sink grease trap, cooker lighter, two screws and a few plumbing connector parts and pipe weld glue. All this stuff was bought from B&Q. Also bought was tescos value hairspray (17p if I remember correctly) canned hotdogs also from tesco (we used some digital callipers to measure various brands for the best fit).
The only moderately tricky part here was the ignition system. In the pic below you can see how it comes together. Basically, wires where run from the inside of the electric cooker lighter and connected two the two screws seen here.

You can click on this image to see a bigger image.
This causes a spark to jump across the small gap whenever the trigger s pulled.
The rest of the construction is self evident looking at the gun. The main piece of advice I would add is to make sure the whole thing is air tight. The best way to do this is to blow into the business end of it and listen out for leaks. If you've got any bung them up with more gaffa and glue until theres no leaks at all. At this point your gona have one powerful sausage flinging stick of mayhem. See video bellow.

As to wether this thing is legal, I have no idea, so if you do build your own and subsequently get yourself arrested or shot, dont come crying to me.
Also I am waiting on Alex to send me some more pics of the gun (its in his loft I think.
Hope you like :)


  1. Thank you !
    An amazing contribution. Make sure to not sell it to some terrorist guys out there ...

    Your UncleVan.

  2. This awesome! And you're on Hack-a-day too, well done. :-)

  3. What about adding an mustard pistol for perfect taste?


  4. It's be great to see a string of them fired - old fashoned mast felling style! Recomend threading them on some elastic.

    I take my hat off to you good sir!

  5. thanks for the comments guys. I am thinking about a double barrel one next, or if I am feeling brave a gatling gun style one.

  6. What kind of protection should I wear to protect myself against 19mm sausage projectiles?

  7. What about a tut, i wna make one !!!