Tuesday, 9 February 2010

PSP with Matrix style PS2 add-on


Found a heap of pics while I was doing the post about the iPod mod so thought I should add a few more posts today.
This mod was a real labour of love, took me months to get it finished and I distroyed sevral psp's in the process.
What I did here was add 4 usb style conectors to a psp that conected directly to the controles. I then built a modded ps2 controler with a custom made dock conector.
The thing worked remarcably well and I wish I knew where it was. I may well build another one of these one day. I am sure I can impove on the disign.
Heres a video of the mod in action, youtube took off the music though :(

Here a whole load of pics I found of the build process.

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